Startups most reliable partner.

At Kakao Ventures, we believe entrepreneurs are pioneers who disrupt the future. We have the utmost respect for entrepreneurs equipped with tenacity to identify and solve today’s real problems, as their actions will play an integral role in bringing the future closer. In doing so, we continue our endeavors in research, analytics, and communication to accumulate the insights necessary in identifying future innovations and changes.
No team is perfect in every way. That is why we focus on analyzing the core competencies embedded in each team to find one reason to be successful. Great teams are hard to come by and we make every effort to identify, and maximize the potentials inherent in startups based on our core values.
“What can we do better to support the growth of our Family?” is a topic often discussed at Kakao Ventures. We believe it is by filling in the gaps, such as providing business support in crucial moments as well as connections to investor network, while allowing our Family to realize the full potentials of their core competencies. We are reliable business partners accompanying entrepreneurs in every step of their long venture journey.
Kakao Ventures seeks to be an active and dependable co-pilot of today’s entrepreneurs embarking on their journey to disrupting the future.

Integrity, Excellence, Team, Authenticity

In every decision making process, we emphasize our four core values. “What is a ‘good investment’?”, or “what is our value proposition to our Family?” are two of many questions we continue to ask ourselves to be genuine and adequate companions to our Family.
Discuss everything with the team with transparency and honesty. Never take advantage of the team as a means of one’s own benefits.


Question what can be done better with a long-term perspective, and not be indulged in short-sighted results. Do not settle for mere research, but actively seek out challenges and opportunities.


Acknowledge team members’ contributions and commend on their achievements without second thought. Strive to have a positive impact not only for Kakao Ventures, but also for its Family, and to the startup ecosystem.


Reflect on whether my words and actions are based on sincerity. Always communicate clearly, and ask questions when in doubt.
In the midst of an ever-changing business environment, the one thing that we must hold in principle are our fundamental values and philosophy. We will continue to seek new paths and challenges, in accelerating the future.