What type of team does Kakao Ventures work with?

Kakao Ventures works with startups in the software industry, ranging from consumer internet services, game companies, and up to deep tech startups. We collaborate with unique teams that are looking for Seed to Series A funding regardless of how old the business is.

What philosophy does Kakao Ventures hold when making decisions?

We believe that the mission should be clear when trying to solve a real problem. By helping those who have a strong mission, we feel that we are contributing to the very idea that it’s the people who bring the greatest changes.

What team color does Kakao Ventures look for?

We wish to see commitment towards the solution that is being presented, and we appreciate teams that have a well-aligned background towards the problem. Startups are never easy journeys, and so we think tenacity is what keeps the team together. We don’t ask for perfection but rather enjoy seeing one good reason of why something should happen.

What process should the teams usually expect?

We try to keep things simple and fast, but that could still require several meetings and interviews with the core team members. Finding a fit between us and the team could take a few days up to a few months.

What benefits can startup teams expect for from us?

Along with financial aid, we also give startups access to Kakao Ventures’ network and business insights. We assist startups with tasks that may be cumbersome for early-stage companies to handle, such as recruitment, global market entries, partnerships with big name companies, additional funding, and public relations.

What’s this “Family Culture” that Kakao Ventures is proud of?

We believe that the best friend to a startup is another startup. That’s why we call all of our teams as one big “Family” and help them gather around regularly at least once every month. We also set up separate events where founders from similar industries can discuss their pains and share their know-how.

In which regions do Kakao Ventures look into?

We don’t restrict ourselves to certain countries. Investments have been made globally, including South Korea, Indonesia, Japan, China, Germany, and the United States.

Can teams approach us regardless of their funding status?

Not only do we enjoy the casual encounters with potential founders, but we also try to foster these types of communications. Feel free to say hi during our regular office hours or campus visits.